About Jamie Janko

Jamie is a Psychedelic Alaskan artist who specializes in multi-media works and strives to be prolific with originals. Frequently asked questions follow.

Where is Jamie from?

Jamie Janko is currently residing in Wasilla, Alaska. Born and raised in Anchorage, she has also resided in Eagle River and Palmer over the years. 


When did she start making art?

This is difficult to pinpoint as Jamie has always been a creative individual.

Art was naturally her favorite subject in primary school. Jamie's art education extends to some classes that were taught at University of Alaska--however due to budget cuts and certain art classes required by several majors as prerequisites taking a toll on her passion for art, she left UAA to pursue an art career independently. YouTube and other resources were beneficial to developing skills and style.

When did she start selling art?

Friends and family were the most encouraging to get her art "out there." She was first approached by the manager of a local frozen yogurt shop for an art display. Next, one of her friends happened to be performing at a local music and art festival and invited her to become a vendor for the first time. The rest is history.

What medium does she use?

Her work is generally multi-media with acrylic paint as a primary material. Spray paint, sparkles, rhinestones, modeling paste, paint pens are other forms of media that are often used in her original work.

How long does it take for her to complete one of her pieces?

Jamie makes hundreds of originals a year-ranging from 6x6 inches to a much larger 30x40 or 36x36 inch canvas, so the amount of time on each canvas is variable. She works on several pieces at any given time-which makes it even more difficult to peg the amount of time spent on each one. As the guesswork goes, she estimates about 1 hour for the little originals, and something like 40-50 hours for her larger works3--not including learning through the experimental phases of simply being an artist at work.

 Where will she be next?

You can find her updated lineup of her displays or events [here].